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The rain did not last. Soon we approached the Golden Staircase, which proved a formidable piece of climbing.





Ron climbed well but he muttered about flagging down a truck and getting a ride back to the car.



He told me more than once how I’d be amazed a how easily he’d arrange it all. I kept thinking, hey, it’ßs not raining anymore. We're not that wet.


Some how Ron thought that we had to climb the Gunsight, the Golden Staircase and then go on to climb Sonora Pass—a whole nuther major climb. I didn't disabuse him of this notion.



Truthfully, we were not many miles from the pass and the steep stuff would let up very soon. Pat let Ron know this.


The sign says 9000 feet. It’s still very steep, but we near the end of the Golden Staircase.



As the climb crested I took off and cruised up to the pass. I had time to read the signs at the side of the road.


Pat and Ron arrive!



We’ve made it up! However, no ranger station, no gift shop, no water. Nothing but these signs and a sense of achievement. But wait, we’re not even at the halfway point of the ride!