The crew

The 2001 A-SIG Classic Crew

From left to right.

BACK: Dean Brizel, Daniel Greenberg, Sandy Feldman, Douglas Riccardi, Damon Hart (Captain), Angus Palmer, Stephan Geist, Erwan Colder, Steve Blacklocks, Paul Frio, Will Madeira, Timothy McCarthy (Leader)

MIDDLE: Noah Greenhill, Doug Ferguson, Hal Dillon, Lucy Palmer (top), Reem Jishi, Joe Stamboulie, Chris Shaw (top), Danielle Dinse, Joe Brazil (top), Meredith Berman, Charles Weaver, Joe Ahearn (top), Cidney Schultz, Gene Harris

FRONT: Enrique Sanchez, Dan Keating, Seth Prince, Becky Koh, Diane Kee (Leader), Kelleigh Dulany (Leader), Christy Guzzetta (Leader), Jody Sayler (Leader), Frank Grazioli (Leader)

NOT PICTURED: Rich Sporer (Leader), who was hanging out in the little boys room when this picture was taken; Scott Demel, busy beginnig his recuperation; David (the saint) Grogan (Leader), looking after Scott at the hospital; and Tony Haddad and Brian Kivlan, who were unable to do the graduation ride.

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