Race start

On the left is where we are going: the Verrazano Bridge. It is a minute before the start and I have joined my friends up on the concrete divider.

The start! Our Green Start area is ahead of the Blue Start area, the blue start is where the elite men are. (There is also a Red Start.) Here we see the elite men taking off.

The difference in distance between the various starts is made up in Brooklyn. Eventually all three starts join up on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn.

It was exciting seeing the elite men pass this close.

Some minutes later the crowd in the Green start began to move, walking slowly at first. I passed the start line and began racewalking.

At one section the bridge moves up and down from all the foot falls. It’s rather disconcerting. However, plenty of high spirits here. We’re on our way!

Looking back at Staten Island.

Coming off the bridge there are a couple spots where trucks block an exit that is not to be used. They become impromptu piss stops. The guys use this side of the truck, girls use the back.