Oakland 2000

On Friday, June 30, I borrowed the bicycle belonging to my sister's husband and rode down into Oakland on Telegraph Avenue. In Berkeley, Telegraph ends at the University of California campus, the last few blocks of which are "the scene" with the great book shops, record shops, etc., and is where all the head shops were back in the '60s. On this day I rode in the other direction, down into Oakland. Why? Sushi Bob pestered and cajoled me to get out this trip and take some pictures like we do in the derelict neighborhoods of New York. These shots are taken and posted to keep him off my case.

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During my childhood I was into skin diving and Steele's was this sacred place.

Papa Buzz Cafe

Papa Buzz Cafe. Don't know anything about it.


We drove past this windmill innumerable times when I was a child. It always fascinated me. I'm told this was probably a florists stand.

World Famous Coffee Coffee Coffee

Rocket fuel—outside Papa Buzz Cafe.

Papa Buzz Cafe

Papa Buzz Cafe.


Next door.


I figure the "bing" comes from "Plumbing."

Keys made

Next door to "bing."

Lovely, empty store front

This is near the heart of downtown Oakland. There are many empty store fronts with elegant facades.

Lovely store front

Why is this place empty?

Fox Oakland

The old Fox Oakland movie palace has been vacant for years.

Fox Oakland marquee

Blah, blah blah.

Fox Oakland

Another look at the Fox Oakland.

House of Wigs

Blah, blah, blah.


Blah, blah, blah.

The bicycle I rode

The bicycle I rode weighs a lot. I got quite a work out pedaling it around. This shot taken where Telegraph ends at Broadway.

Hotel Westerner

A couple short blocks away there are a few cheap hotels. This is within sight of the Greyhound bus station.

Hotel Westerner

While I scoped out these shots a withered old black man shuffled out through this door and disappeared down the street.

That's all!