Devil’s Gate

Here Patrick arrives at the pass. Hurrah.

It was just 9:00 AM, we have a lot more riding to do but the day goes well so far.

Pat shoves off, beginning the descent down the other side. The descent is long and features a wide variety of terrain—fast, steep, rolling, technical.

No pictures of the descent—too busy riding it for all it was worth. We came off the mountain into countryside that normally seems like desert, but everything was wet and lush.

There were beautiful rock formations with hints of green nipping at them . . .

. . . and waterfowl enjoying ponds. The place was sopping wet.

The next challenge, and it's not much of a challenge, is to climb Devil's Gate on the way to Bridgeport. Here's the gate, after a gradual climb.

Just past the notch Pat rests a bit. Directly over Pat's head you can see the mountains we just came from in the far distance. Now we cruise along Highway 395. Unfortunately there's lot's of traffic.

The cows had wet noses from the sodden grass.

Patrick gazes fondly at the Sawtooth Ridge in the distance. He and my other brother Michael have done a lot of mountaineering, even ski mountaineering in the winter, on that range. Still plenty of snow up there.