The finish

At a certain point it's just you and the rest of the mountain. However on this day I limped up to the pass with Michael and we took photos along the way.

Snow appears.

Keep turning the pedals over!.

Timothy climbing up Lassen.

Further up.

Timothy near the pass.

And Michael.

Michael looks at the pass. One more big curve and we have arrived at the top.

The pass!

After celebrating at the top, the time comes to start descending. One can't dally too long for the ride back to the car presents a long haul and the daylight won't last forever. Fortunately, we face no more major climbs. The route back equates to roughly a 50-mile descent. Unfortunately, we ran into an extensive repaving operation and riding on fresh blacktop left tar sticking to our tires. For a full accounting of it see Page 1, The email account.

The four of us waiting to pass onto newly paved road.

On the descent. Many miles below Lassen.

Patrick scarfs down his rueben

Timothy can't eat

Timothy pokes at his food.