Way back


In Nyack, I told Chris that this is where I turn around. I asked if he was hungry and motioned to the natural food store on the corner where I turn. As we discussed what to do I looked over and there was Jeffrey! He and Ron were getting lunch at that store before heading back to Manhattan. What's with this? Again, with inexplicable timing, I'd encountered these guys. The four of us ate lunch in the park. Above are Ron and Jeffrey carrying their purchases.


Nyack is really cute. Unfortunately, I was nursing the shots I had left on the camera and didn't take shots of the wonders of Nyack. And I could have taken a shot of the guys at lunch, but no, didn't.

Nyack water stop

Before setting heading back we made a water stop.

heading back in Nyack

We took a road that runs right along the Hudson from Nyack to Piermont. We didn't get very far before we were stopped by a policeman.

Stopped by police

Rockland County, he informed us, has a helmet law, requiring helmets be worn by cyclists of all ages. Ron did not have one. We were delayed by fifteen minutes while the cop lectured Ron and then let him off with a warning.


The officer picked a scenic spot for his check point. Opposite was a mansion up on the hill with a landscaped waterfall cascading before it.


This is Piermont. From there we climbed up to 9W and cruised onward.


Ron, as is his penchant, blasted away from the rest of us. Jeffrey fell behind. I rode with Chris along 9W until we got to the river road.

River Road return

Chris led the descent down to the the hilly road along the Hudson. He then took off with Ron and I in pursuit—he'd found his legs after just tagging along all day.

RIver Road

Here's a point at the top of a climb where Ron and I caught Chris. We admonished him, reminding him that we'd talked about taking it easy. He said something like, that the only way he could keep up with us was to ride away from us.

View from GWB

He proceeded to dust our butts again. I could keep up with him but remembered Jeffrey lagging behind. Ron and I held up for him. Chris disappeared. This is the view south from the Manhattan side of the George Washington Bridge.

GWB bike lane

Didn't mean to take this shot on the George Washington Bridge. Waiting at a stop light in Manhattan, I saw Chris streak past in front of us. The Ron and Jeffrey were for chasing him down but I wasn't going chase anyone in Manhattan traffic. We let him go.

Central Park Skaters

In Central Park, again.

Timothy in Central Park

The last shot, taken in Central Park.

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