Way out

31st St in Queens

I've presented all the pictures here, in order. This is on 31st Street in Queens. Just underway, less than a block from my apartment.

Queensborough Bridge

On the Queensboro Bridge.

Queensborough Bridge

On the Queensboro Bridge.

View north

The view north on the Queensboro Bridge: the bridge from Long Island City, on the right, to Roosevelt Island, on the left.

Central Park

My route to Nyack goes through Central Park.


And then up the west side of Manhattan. Here the George Washington Bridge is in view.


On the George Washington Bridge.

River Road

Coming off the George Washington Bridge I turn left and head down into Edgewater, NJ, and then quickly turn left into a park that runs north along the Hudson River. The road has almost no car traffic and is incredibly rough at the beginning. This was the acid test for BikeCam™. How would it perform as the bike absorbs an enormous amount of shock?

Riiver Road GWB

Still on very rough road, about to pass under the George Washington Bridge. Yeah, too much camera shake. But this was expected.

River Road

The road runs right along the base of the cliffs of the Palisades and is mostly wooded, has many small hills, and is a blessing for cyclists.

Meeting Chris on Alpine hill

In the last one mile stretch of the road, it climbs up to meet 9W, the road that I take the rest of the way to Nyack. This one mile stretch is a tough climb for it goes unremittingly up—no relief spots.
Climbing it I picked up a Jamaican guy, who latched onto my wheel as I went past. He stayed with me the rest of the way to Nyack.

No picture of him here, sorry. His name is Chris and he'd never been out this way before so he was a little timid. I did all the work, with him sitting on my wheel. But I could tell he was strong and experienced—a very smooth rider.