December 21, 1999, Berkeley

Last week my brother Patrick and I determined that we would ride on Sunday. Saturday night Pat was leaving a gig with his bass under one arm and his stool under the other, when he dropped the stool on his toe. The stool is steel and broke his toe. There will probably be no riding for him in the next couple weeks. What luck; the captain of the Hot & Crusty squad is taken out.

Sunday I rode with Vivian, Patrick's wife, and Michael, Patrick's twin. We rode a medium distance loop with plenty of climbing. Michael has a new digital camera that he carries with him everywhere. I made him stop and take the picture below.

View of San Francisco

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We rode along the crest of the Berkeley and Oakland hills with a magnificent view of the Bay Area. In the distance is San Francisco and the Golden Gate. The Somec, my bicycle out here, feels wonderful; just eats up the miles.

Rode for the second time this morning, a short loop the Hot and Crusty's call the Milk Run. Not much miles but plenty of climbing.