Later on

The water at Rest Stop No. 3 was undrinkable. Don't remember much more than that about it except I ate a banana.

Timothy at Rest Stop 3

Leaving Rest Stop No. 3 it was just the three of us and we settled in to a nice pace line. By now the headwind had become serious. Flags were flapping straight out and pointed in our faces. Leaves on trees heaved all over the place. Ron and I did most of the work. Jeffrey was having a bit of a hard time. He is also a very squirrely rider so I didn't want to stay on his wheel for long.

We continued on and took a lunch break at a roadside deli. The pictures that follow are all Rest Stop No. 4

Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee

The guys knew this woman by name and constantly chatted her up. She stopped at the deli and ate some lunch with us. They wanted her to ride with us but, no, no, we were too fast for her, she said.


The water at Rest Stop No. 4 was wonderful.

Rest Stop 4