Sunday, May 16, 1999, was the Montauk Century. I got up at 3:00am and was rolling away from Penn Station at a bit after 5:00 AM. It was still entirely dark out. Tucked in a jersey pocket I had a Fuji throw away camera. Why would I bring a throw away camera when I have the digital camera Bob-san and I just bought? Well, let me tell you.

For years my friend Clifford has extolled the virtues of throw away cameras and I've poo-pooed him until now. On the bicycle I didn't want to be encumbered with carefully pulling it out, turning the camera on, anticipating a shot, depressing the shutter button, waiting for focus, and then finally the picture is taken after the subject has moved. I also didn't want to sweat all over it and worry about dropping it. The throw away camera I whip out, snap the shot and stuff back in my pocket. Done. I must say it worked well.

Montauk Century 1999 patch
Disposable camera