Alpe d’Huez time trial

Rest day from bicycle

The Hôtel le Beau Site. The night before it was learned that the only way to get to Alpe d’Huez was to hike over the ridge above the hotel and down the other side—approximately an hour and a half hike.

Each person paid 10 euros for the escort of a guide. Here Oscar and Pieter kill time waiting for the group to set off.

The hike sets off and immeidiately it’s step by step up a steep slope.

At the top.

Oscar followed by Pam, Rich and Pieter.

Good pals, Pieter and Marcy.

“We’re off to see cycling history!” Where’s Mark? He stayed at the hotel to rest and watch the event on television.

Off everyone trudges, down the other side, with Alpe d’Huez visible in the distance.