Peter Ancher of the Dutch company Enroute took loving care of everyone—arranged hotel reservations, drove the van and steered the conversation clear of politics.

Marcy Bloomstein a realtor in Manhattan. riding for for or

Craig Breed is a entrepreneur in technology for financial marketplaces. years ago in late 70s early 80s.for six years over twenty years ago. wa s a cat 1 rider for two of those years.

David Estrada works in .

Mark Loftis a school teacher at ______ ___________. A-SIG Classic leader Used to swim at the national level swimmer for the Yale swim team.

Pieter Maessen organized the tour. He was on the Dutch Junior National team. He works as a banker.

Timothy McCarthy a graphic designer, NYCC webmaster and A-SIG Classic captain.

Pam Nelson A-SIG leader. massage therapist.Generously kept many of the other riders functioning.

Rich Ramon A19 SIG leader. Works as an engineer for Con Edsion. He also has a law degree.

Ted Shaw an architect, A-SIG Classic leader.

Oscar Vandenbrink a scientist in chemistry, lives in Utrect, Nederlands. Uses cycling to supplement sculling at which he competes at a high level. Famous as the locomotive of the “Oscar Train.”

Eva Wirth B-SIG coordinator. Foreign exchange trader.

Mai Yee works for State in public relations for the court system.