Golden Staircase

The climbing does not let up after the Gunsight but the sections of 10% grade that follow seem very manageable in comparison to the kick-in-the-teeth that preceded them.

We snaked our way up the valley below the granite splendor of the high sierra.

Patrick and I each had a camera and we used 'em plenty.

We both like taking pictures and there was no one along to get impatient with our snap-happy antics.

What a place to take pictures! We had great light on a brilliantly clear day. Here we approach the Golden Staircase, the last tough pitch before we reach Sonora Pass.

Here's the gratuitous over-the-shoulder shot. Was Pat cutting zigzags up the climb? Nah. He says this photo shows him putting his camera back in its case.

Here I follow the curve of the road as it turns onto the Golden Staircase.

This part can prove very tough, but we got here early in the morning, the temperature was cool and we both rode reservedly.

Patrick goes by the 9000 foot sign.

Timothy follows. The sign is not at the top of the Golden Staircase but near to it. From here it's just a few miles to Sonora Pass.