Climbing Bear Mt 1

Anthony Ricupero, happy to be near the top.

Mo Moadeli proving that triathletes can climb.

Ride leader Dan Keating.

Followed closely by ride leader, Diane Kee.

Giora Payes.

Peter Cross, blazing up ahead of everyone else in his group. (So fast he's a blur.)

Everyone's favorite ride leader, Richey!

Matt Crenson.

Jenny Laplante accompanied by Matthias Stadfeld.

Robert (pronounce that "Roh-behr") Padilla.

Frank Hacklander.

Andras Forgacs.

John O'Connor.

Steve Weiss views all hills as his friend and is in his element here.

David Garcia (aka, Bumblebee) hurtles his bulk up the hill.

What gives?!? 2000 A-SIG alumnus Bill Greene turns up and hangs out, assisting with the photographing chores. Thanks Bill!