Oh, no, more snap shots! We had a dinner Saturday night. It was supposed to be a celebration of the completion of the graduation ride. Since Saturday was rained out it became a carbo loading party. It came off well. Muchas gracias to Kelleigh for pulling it all together!

Oh, my, we had fun.

Ted Shaw showed up ill. He could eat but not ride the next day. David and Damon look so concerned.

Hot and heavy discussions abound.

The A-SIG leaders—the girls—Becky, Kelleigh, Jody and Diane.

Steve, Timothy, Dimitar.

Sage leaders, David, Christy and Damon.

The guys wouldn't stop talking.

Even with food in front of them the discussions on bicycles and whatnot roared on.

Ted's a professional photographer. He knows how to get the best shots. Especially self portraits.

Mark Babushkin.