The hill 1

The graduation ride, as well as many of the rides that preceded it, finished with the various groups gathering back at Central park on the hill across the road from the Boathouse. That's it for the story of the ride itself. From hereon out it's gratuitous snapshots. Venture onward at your own risk.

Dimitar, David Richwine and Anthony.

David mugs Paulette.

Becky, the two-fisted drinker.

The shots left in the camera had to get used up.

Diane, Capt'n Damon, Becky and Jenny.

Becky, Diane and Paulette. Anthony in the background.

Barbara Barrett.

Guys hang out.

Jonathan Goodman and Timothy McCarthy.

Ted Axelrod, Becky Koh.

It was a chilly day. The warm afternoon sun and soft grass to lay out on were too tempting.

Jenny, Diane, Becky.