Séez to Aussois

59 mi (94 km), 8,000 ft vertical (2,450 m)

The destination of the day, the Hotel les Mottets.

Unloading the van.

Stretching and head stands figure in the post-ride routine.

Mai and Marcy stretch.

Oscar, fresh of the shower, stepped out on the balcony to survey the surroundings.

Ted displays the technique of squeezing moisture from hand washed laundry by compressing it in a towel.

Everyone has done their laundry and the balcony gets put to good use.

Later, out in town, Mark Loftis pauses at a fountain while the group wrangles about where to eat.

At the chosen restaurant. Pity the other customers suffering the loud Americans yucking it up.

Craig Breed and Rich Ramon having a fine time.