Michael gets his final sticker. Hooray!

I call it a very successful Death Ride. We finished in good spirits and managed to ride together part of the time.

What more is there to say? Lauren chanced by and took this shot before heading down the hill.

I didn’t mention that while I was waiting for Michael, Jeffrey arrived. I’d called but he didn’t hear me as he passed. We found him resting, sucking down a Coke.

Jeffrey dropped us on the final descent. I mean, he was gone—not even in sight. I felt good and blasted away with all I had to no avail. Here I am back at Turtle Rock Park having just collected my five-pass pin. Jeffrey bought us all beers. Ray was there. He completed four passes.

We partook of the crummy Mexican food buffet, told our Death Ride stories and then parted ways. Michael and I showered, headed back to Snowshoe campground and slept like babies. Michael packed the car the next morning and we headed home.

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