Round Top hike

Michael and I drove up to the mountains Thursday, July 6. The idea was to have a full day to acclimatize and rest up. We wanted to get some light exercise early on Friday and then go into town and pick up our Death Ride numbers.

We found our usual spot at Snowshoe Campground in Woodfords Canyon. And as usual, there were cyclists out that afternoon getting in some last minute training. They would be out Friday also, which I view as foolish. It's better to rest up the day before the big event.

We decided that hiking was better. Friday morning we were up at dawn and drove to Carson Pass, the last pass of the Death Ride, in order to climb Round Top Mountain, a nearby peak. We were on the trail by 7:30.

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Here we are approaching the peak. It turns out that at 10,381 feet, Roundtop is the highest peak in the area. It is fortunately just a few miles in from the highway. We weren't sure if we'd make it to the top but Mike made sure we didn't dally and soon we were right at the base of the mountain. Michael was really thrilled to be out climbing.

Me, I was fascinated by what we trod underfoot.

There was all kinds of life sprouting up.

Michael commented that he had never seen such profusion and variety of wild flowers.

He meant the larger more obvious blossoms.

But I liked the tiny mossy stuff that you had to bend over to examine.

Michael kept us on the move. We left the pretty meadows behind and step by step made our way up the flinty side of the mountain.