In the Bronx I got all wobbly but pressed on and crossed the bridge back into Manhattan. Coming through Harlem my form came back becoming more fluid than before and I was amazed to feel plenty of energy and power. I was running out of shots on the camera though.

The hills of Central Park were no problem. Racewalking form gets better on hills and I took every advantage of that.

One mile to go!

The finish was a big rush. I crossed at 5:32. I don’t know how it compares with other racewalking times but I feel happy with my effort. I didn’t let up; pushed all the way.

I collected a medal, hugged the volunteer who gave it to me and moved on. They make you wear these space blankets.

From the finish area I went to Ron’s apartment. He lives not too far. Once safely there I fell apart. A shower and layers of fresh clothes later I was better. Ron babied me, fed me and listened indulgently to my stories. Later he put me out on the street and I rode the subway home.

Went right into an Epsom salt bath and soaked. Then crawled, literally, into bed.

Next morning I washed the marathon togs before going to work.

At work there’s the big thrill of seeing my name in the New York Times.

Finally, at the end of the day the medal goes up on the hook. Number 15. Done!

Jeffrey and his father, accompanied by Cherlyn the final nine miles, crossed the finish line at 9:09 pm. That’s a long day!

Sean ran the marathon in 4:53:21; Fernando in 4:06:30. Congratulations guys.

Special kudos to Michael (bikehikemike) Kuor for his 3:07:26 effort. I bow down to you. And Jay Borok, 3:31:15. Nice!

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