Here’s a missed shot. A row of Orthodox Jewish girls lined up on a curb. They were so cute. This neighborhood is a very serene part of the course.

These guys have the right idea. The marathon is one big long party. They were tooting horns, bellowing and found a kindred spirit in a clown running along in very long floppy shoes.

Here we approach the halfway point, the Pulaski Bridge, 13.1 miles! I was concerned that I had overexerted myself in the first half and now would pay in the second half.

But I felt great. I might fall apart later but I kept the pace up. On the bridge you get a great view of the Manhattan skyline. Then you’re in Queens, not terribly far from where I live.

I saw only one Rhino out this year. He looked lonely—usually there are a pair. There was plenty of bands out along the route. My bladder was full and crying out for relief. I thought I'd go on the Queensboro Bridge.

Here’s the 15 mile point. Couldn’t find a discreet place until the top where there was a opening to the outer walkway. The Rhino followed me and also did his business, struggling with straps and whatnot. A Japanese runner snapped a picture of this and for a moment it seemed the annoyed Rhino might charge.