It looked unlikely that I would do the New York City Marathon this year. My left foot has been weak, in fact at one point this spring I was hobbling around with a cane, having difficulty getting down the street. However it didn’t stop me from cycling and my legs have been in good shape all year. As the marathon approached it seemed the prudent thing to forgo the marathon. Yet coming home from work one rainy night I saw someone out running in the dark in sodden running clothes and it stirred my emotions like crazy. I knew one way or another I had to do it.

I decided to racewalk the marathon—something I’ve never done before. I’ve done racewalking races and I’m quite comfortable with racewalking form. But I’d never racewalked more than 10 miles at one time. In the month before the marathon I did some training and then trusted that my familiarity with the marathon would carry me through.

The links at right chronicle the whole glorious experience in perhaps too much detail, but it’s the Marathon! I got carried away. Click on any image for a larger view.

Timothy McCarthy