Setting out

Dales Station

Wednesday, June 30, 1999, Dales Station, California. We left the cars by the side of the road . . .

On the road

. . . and were on our way.

Rubble from volcano

Mt. Lassen is a volcano. It erupted in 1914, much like Mt. Saint Helens did in 1980, showering the surrounding countryside with debris. The surrounding countryside is very rocky from who knows how many eruptions over the millennia.

Making the turn

We rode a gradual climb to Manton and then turned on to Wilson Hill Road. This was our first climb of the day; in my estimation the hardest climbing of the ride. No pictures of it for I was busy climbing.

Cresting out

The top of Wilson Hill Road.


We rested in Shingletown and then rode Highway 44 to Lassen Volcanic National Park. This stretch of road was a gradual climb of a bit more than 2000 feet over 18 miles. We kept a nice paceline to help make the miles go by fast.