Descending from Ebbetts Pass

One more pass to go, one more sticker to acquire. We have the whole rest of the day to do it. This is the descent off of Ebbetts Pass.

Some cyclists are still struggling up.

It is a dangerous descent, with hairpin turns and places where the road is banked the wrong way.

Pat tells me that he spoke with a radio operator who informed him that there were six crashed riders, and two of which where the cyclist went over a barrier and down the mountainside, requiring helicopter evacuations. I didn’t see any helicopters, but the presence of ambulances on the road was disturbing.

Climbing up the front side of Ebbetts I’d passed a crash scene. An older man, flat on his back, was surrounded by fellow cyclists. They were trying to ascertain if he was aware of where he was and what had happened. He looked like he was in pain. Seeing such a scene makes me even more careful as I descend.