Onward to Ebbetts Pass

Towards Ebbetts

No pictures of the descent off Monitor—which is a beautiful, fast descent. The route then turns left and heads on to Ebbetts Pass.

Hard pass

This is a hard pass with a long approach, hair pin turns and gnarly steep sections.


Pat is left behind. He has a triple chain wheel on his bike and I have a double. I don’t have as easy a gear as he, so I have to muscle my way up at a faster pace.


This pass is the heart of the Death Ride. At the summit is the first cutoff. We have to be at the top no later than 1:00 pm in order to be let down the other side so we can do the fourth pass.

Keep moving

We were doing well time-wise. But it is important to keep moving.

Cranking it out

A lot of butt shots here. I felt comfortable enough on Ebbetts that I could keep snapping pictures.