Front side

The first climb, which we call “the front side of Monitor,” is long, and in one section offers some of the steepest climbing of the Death Ride. However, this early in the day it is hardly noticed.

No granite

Monitor is more of a desert mountain. No granite, no forests of pine trees. It is close to Nevada. I was impressed with how green everything was this year.

The Pass

At the pass with my shell on again, ready for the descent down the back side of Monitor. I’ve just gotten my first pass sticker. I didn’t stop at the rest stop.

Starting the descent

Here we go; a long descent down to the valley floor. In the distance is Nevada. The Death Ride goes down to meet Route 395 which is not far from the border.


No scenic descent pictures. I was busy enjoying the descent.

Heading back

I kick myself that I got no pictures of the rest stop at the bottom. We received our second sticker there even though we haven’t completed the second pass. From this rest stop all riders turn around and climb back the way we came, back up to the top of Monitor again. No other way back. Here we are setting out.